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Can I pay with a credit card?

At the checkout, the G Pay button next to the PayPal button accepts most credit cards incl AMEX.

Is Ouch Personal Outdoor Spray an insect repellent?

Commonwealth government regulations prevent us from labelling our herbal, 100% naturally formulated, non toxic formulation as an insect repellent. USA's Federal Drug Administration does approve herbal formulations to be labelled insect repellents. Our formulation has been tested by the NSW Gov't Pathology Service at Westmead Hospital on human subjects who found it effective for 40 mins before a reapplication was necessary and no adverse skin reactions were reported.

Which herbs are used?

Ouch Instant Herbal Sting Relief Spray uses clove oil, mint extract and lime extract.
Ouch Personal Outdoor Spray uses geranium, lemongrass and eucalyptus.

 When will my order arrive?

Australia Post is our delivery partner. Depending where in Australia you live, they deliver in 3 to 5 business days. As we are a small business we despatch on Wednesday and Thursday from SE QLD.

About us.

Ouch Sprays are made in Dandenong Victoria Australia by a 100% Australian family company. We also make Fast Shave Gel, which was Australia's first shave gel and is available in Coles Stores